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You could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

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Haaaaiiiii , I'm sick too > ○ <

Drink more water, bb!!!!! Being sick is horrible :(

It’s haute couture
The way I study until two a.m.
The bags under my eyes
Are the hottest trend
And sleep deprivation
Is a hot commodity.
As I walk down the runway
We call the high school halls
Surrounded by all of the other zombies
Who wear fake smiles and layers of makeup
Like it’s their job.
We don’t have time to eat
Or maybe we don’t have time to gain weight.
We don’t notice
As our ribs poke out of our bodies.
We try to stop our eyelids
From fluttering closed in class
We don’t want to be bored
We just want to sleep for more than five hours.
We want to hold a boy’s hand
Or maybe a girl’s hand
Without everyone whispering
About how we hooked up
Under the bleachers
Or how we slept in each other’s beds
Even if they don’t know
All we did was sleep
And talk about how we could save the world.
It’s hip to be depressed
It’s mature to start popping pills.
Adults are sad
And we are halfway to adulthood.
We watch each ourselves
Drift away like tumbleweeds
But we don’t say anything
To the friends
Who are “there for you no matter what”
But maybe if we spoke up
And burned our finals and flashcards
And warmed up our hands
By the bonfire we waited for until graduation
We would realize
Is walking down the same runway.


Fashion Weak on the Hallway Runway (Updates by a Student Body)


I feel so bad for missing practice today when it’s six days to the concert. I wish I had a stronger immune system. I wish I was just stronger in general.